Stormy Weather
Top left to right: Eugene Stewart, Lynda Walla & Wilton Crump, Bottom left to right: Henry Farag & Billy Shelton

From the steel city of Gary, Indiana, the chief proponent of the nation’s revitalized a cappella doo-wop sound.

The group has recorded fourteen previous albums, including the highly touted seasonal record series entitled Street Carols, which has become a holiday classic. Also, a cameo recording on Rhino Records’ sports music perennial, “Baseball’s Greatest Hits”. Their children’s series, Doo-Wop & Lollipops has won numerous awards, including the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, and a NAPPA Gold Award. Their newest CD is Suite for my Sweets.

They have starred in three nationally syndicated television specials: 40th Anniversary of Rock ‘n Roll, Magic Moments and A Street Carol. The group was one of only 350 groups in the past 50 years to be selected for a major feature in the Billboard Book of American Singing Groups. The founding member, Henry Farag has authored a highly reviewed book, published by Indiana University Northwest entitled The Signal, detailing the Doo-Wop sound, which was the subject of a segment on E! True Hollywood Story and VH-1.

The group has appeared and their videos have aired on: Entertainment Tonight, Oprah Winfrey, TNN, the Today Show, Hollywood Insider, and The E! Network, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, VH-1, WGN super station, and the Fox Network plus over 600 video commercial outlets around the country.

They have appeared at the White House for special Christmas and Easter presentations, four separate times. Voice of America has broadcast the group in a live, in-studio concert to the world with an estimated audience of 200 million! They had the distinct honor of appearing at the 100th Olympiad. Stormy Weather entertained the troops in Bosnia, Kosovo, Sarajevo, and throughout the Balkans, even singing on thousand-year-old street corners of Vienna and Amsterdam.

As Judy Massa, former program director for VOA put it: “They are a true slice of pure Americana.”

Award winning director, John Waters (Hairspray) selected the group’s original Christmas tune, A Street Carol to be in his Holiday album entitled “A John Waters Christmas”. The song is also in the new film, Jingle Bell Rocks.

Stormy Weather is now appearing in the musical: The Signal – A Doo Wop Rhapsody.

The group performs at theatres, festivals, and on occasion, selected street corners around the nation and other parts of the globe.

For further information, contact: Henry Farag at 219.769.2100


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